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Tips to set up a great website

Setting up your website these days is easier than ever. Whether you run a traditional online business like Elderwerks does or are an individual just starting your own business, you need to go out of your way to create a website that makes a great first impression. However if you’re new and don’t have much technical knowledge, this can seem like a big uphill battle. That being said with the availability of tools today, creating a great website doesn’t have to be that difficult. Here are some tips by a web development expert to get you started on the right path.

Choosing a great domain name

Tom Jenkins runs the website and marketing for Construction by ASI and also for Total Paving and notes “The thing that’s important is picking a great domain name. It simply could be your name, your company name, or something brandable. If possible choose the .com version, it will go a long way in your branding efforts and make it easier to remember.”

Choosing a web host

Mark Benz runs the marketing for this turkey gift store and also for IPA Applications and says “After you get your domain name, you’re going to have to get some web hosting to get your domain on the internet. When you’re first starting out, cheap web hosting is likely enough. As your site gets larger and more traffic, you’ll likely have to upgrade to a more expensive hosting package, however for now a cheap web host is likely enough.”

Choosing a great web design

Greg Prescott runs the marketing for this movers naperville company and also for true medspa center notes “Next you’ll have to choose a web design. If you’re creating a blog, installing WordPress and one of their thousands of themes is likely enough. If you’re going with a corporate website, you may want to consider hiring a professional web design team. It is actually probably cheaper than you think, and it can go a long way in making a great first impression for your site.”

Pete Studder runs the marketing for Witkowski Dental and also this roller compaction company and says “Getting your website up and running is a lot easier than you think. Every business needs a great website, and having one with a great feel and design will help you pick up a lot of new customers and take your business to new heights.”