Update Yourself With The Advanced Features of Microsoft Office 2010 – office.com/setup

Before you make up your mind to purchase the latest Office 2010, it would be beneficial for you to know the new advanced features of the Microsoft application.

The new advanced features of Office 2010 professional will make you understand the reason, why you should have the application on your device. To run the application on your device, you can visit the official link office.com/setup and know about the steps required to access Office 2010.

 The details of the Office 2010 are discussed in this passage, which will help you to understand the application and invest in it accordingly.

What are the latest features of MS Office 2010?

  • The Universal Ribbon feature

This is a part of almost every office application. Earlier it was criticized due to its bad interface features. It has now become a great tool with a futuristic design and is usable in many ways.

  • The Customizable Ribbon feature

With the advancements in the Customizable Ribbon, you can regroup different tools and tabs according to your requirements.

  • The Backstage view

With the latest technological advancements in the MS Office 2010, you will be able to get the backstage view. You will be able to customize the document properties, crosscheck the compatibility issues, and manage different versions and much more.

  • You will get the Paste preview

You can preview the clipboard item before pasting it. To access this, you can get this feature from Home Ribbon. You can get the details for the Paste preview on office.com/setup.

  • Microsoft Office Web Applications

Along with other online versions of applications like Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint these tools works via Windows Live and Sharepoint. Moreover, you can use these tools online.

  • You will get the Protected view

Whenever you are opening a new document, downloaded from the Internet they will open as read-only in the latest protected view. The application will run in a sandbox, which will protect your data. Nobody can edit your file in protected preview.

  • Latest themes available online

The latest Office 2010 offers you 40 themes; all these themes are in-build.

  • Enable you to store insert a screenshot

You no longer need a snipping tool to take a screenshot and paste it on your document. Now, you can easily do it by using the insert ribbon and then, clicking the screenshot to insert in the document.

  • You can crop the images to a shape you want from the Format contextual ribbon.
  • With latest Photo Editing Option, you can edit your photos and images in your documents by using the Remove Background and editing effects on your image.

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