Steps to Check Firewall Settings on Your Mac

Press the “Apple” symbol given in the left-hand side of the display. If you wish to go to the “Firewall Settings,” then you have to go to the “Firewall “menu list located in the “Apple” menu list.

•    Tap “System Preferences” option. It is an option given in the “App menu pull-down list.

•    Press the “Security and Privacy” page. You will find this on the upper side of the “System Preferences” option.

  • It will indicate “Security & Privacy” option depends on the version you are currently using.

•    Tap the “Firewall” page. You will get this into the column of options located on the upper side of the “Security” page.

•    Open the “Firewall Menu” list. Your system security only depends on the firewall, so you have to first make an administrator before using the settings of the firewall. Here’s how:

  • Press the “Lock” symbol located at the left-hand side of the page.
  • Type the “Administrator” first and last name.
  • Type the “Administrator” protected password.
  • Tap “Unlock” button.

•    Press “Turn on Firewall” button to turn on the “Mac’s Firewall.” As Mac doesn’t come with the “Default Security” so the “Mac’s Firewall” will automatically get turned off.

•    Press the “Firewall Options.” This option is named as “Advanced.” In this option, you can modify the “Firewall’s Settings on your system.

•    Place “Programs” to the block or accept the list of “Firewall.” If you add applications on the accept list, then it will start running automatically. •    Tap “Ok” after completing the steps mentioned above.

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