Easy Ways to Retrieve unsaved data from a corrupted Excel file

The shock of the incident is so frightening that it may bring your heartbeats close to a temporary halt. Though Office setup delivers supreme features in Excel. In It doesn’t stop on personal desktops, a corrupted excel sheet has a potential to annihilate organizational productivity too as it poses considerable risks of permanently deleting critical business information like profit details, employee records, and work submissions.

Unless you back up all your Excel files, recovery of lost data due to corruption is next to impossible. In some cases, even if you faithfully back up all your data, corruption still could be a major issue. The backup files do not always contain your most recent work, so you may be at risk of losing a good chunk of data. A repair is the last resort to deal with the issue.

What is Excel?

Excel Spreadsheet is Microsoft’s crown application and it is generally used for storing, organizing and managing data. You can also create professional spreadsheets and charts by using Microsoft Excel Apps. For people who don’t know much about Excel can take this application as a personal accounts book which is accessible through desktops, laptops, mobile devices, to prepare documents like tax statement, Balance Sheet, Bank Statement, sale and purchase statement. You can also use the app to calculate your daily expenses and earnings to get a clear idea of your savings at the end of the month.

In this guide, we will discuss some of the best hacks to help you retrieve data from corrupted Excel files without asking for outside support.

How Excel file becomes corrupted?

Before we delve into the process of retrieving lost data from Excel file, we must take a quick glance on issues that may trigger excel file corruption:

As we know that, to troubleshoot an error for good, getting to its root cause is inevitable. Here are some of the primary reasons that may trigger the corruption of Excel files. By keeping them in mind, you can prevent corruption of your excel sheet for considerably long time.

  • An unexpected shut down of system while working on Excel sheet
  • Errors or defects in your Excel application or installation
  • Hardware issues in section where your Excel sheet is saved
  • You system under the influence of malware and viruses
  • Too much data on a single Excel Sheet could trigger unexpected corruption of file
  • Faulty Excel Macros and CSE Formulas
  • Outdated version download from office.com/setup

Please Note: Methods to repair your Excel sheet depend on the severity of the damage.

Considerable options to recover unsaved Excel files

Excel can help you repair the issue. Excel has inbuilt features to fight the corruption which is called file recovery mode. This helps to get the corruption out of your Excel file when you open your corrupted worksheet. If not, then you should try the following methods to recover the unsaved data.

  • Configure the auto recovery settings in Excel
  • Recover unsaved Excel file
  • Recover Overwritten Excel file
  • Saving a back up of Excel file

In a nutshell

Don’t be afraid of losing your data from the Excel sheet. Also, do not give up on the issue. Instead, try to implement any of the troubleshooting options we have discussed above to resolve the issue.

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